It’s not that this doesn’t FIT Renee properly; rather, she’s been very good at working sleek lines in such a way where you wonder if she was lying down in the back of her limo to keep the gowns unmarred, and this is for me an unwelcome departure from that. It’s messy and floppy and weird. It’s scrunched up one way on the top, and then it’s Venetian blinds, and then it’s like, “Ugh, I’m bored of myself, let’s just end this.” I guess one benefit of this dress is you can toss it in your suitcase for the BAFTAs and then Chunnel it to Paris and toss it on and not care, and honestly, when you’re working the circuit as hard as she has, I do NOT blame her for wanting to give at least one fewer f*cks than usual.

[Photo: Shutterstock]