I will give Joss this: The dress is totally appropriate for her.

If anyone these days is going to show up someplace trying to make tie-dye happen, it’s Joss Stone. It fits her personality, as does the loose, relaxed fit. Having said that, though, I banged my head on the light fixture above my dining table the other day — I am a moron — and that tie-dye pattern is exactly what flashed across my clenched eyelids. It’s like a maxi-skirted migraine. So what is most important here: That it’s apt, or whether it is attractive?


  • Aptness is key: I like it because it suits HER, even if I don't like it on its own merits (48%, 4,188 Votes)
  • Apt or not, I can't sign off on this dull old thing (42%, 3,650 Votes)
  • It's apt AND I love it, so THERE. (10%, 910 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,748

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[Photo: Flynet]

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