I am admittedly guessing on the fashion credit here, because as of this writing, I hadn’t seen it printed anywhere. But this looks so much like the skirt of Jessica Chatain’s recent Altuzarra that I’m going to be bold and say it’s the same line.

And it’s nifty, for sure, and actually a great fit for her whole vibe. But why is she wearing it over a bathing suit that is decidedly NOT flash-friendly? She’s turned an ostensibly glamorous garment into something you’d chiefly expect to see on a celeb as she drifts her way out of Whole Foods. Between the maillot, the crispy looking hair, and the fact that her feet look like she just burned her toes on hot sand, I’m actually wondering if she went to the beach first and then hopped into her convertible at the last possible second.

Also, surprise:

It’s sheerer than you think. ALSO, Chris Pratt is here. DOUBLE surprise. His outfit looks like a man’s den in 1979, which smells of scotch and cigars.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]