Again: The kid’s got panache.

A white shirt is the way to go with those pants, although a more fitted sleeve might’ve been less distracting. But the pants themselves are at issue here. They are… intriguing. They are less hideous on her than I might’ve expected, given… you know, them. I mean, flowy pants that cuff at the ankle and appear to have something tied around their waist — as if they’re at a picnic and are afraid there’s an unsightly mustard stain — are crazy enough, until you add in the pattern. Also, is it a tad on-the-nose to wear pants that look like a space fever dream to an event for your movie that is, basically, a space fever dream?

But she’s young and she’s styled them well, and she’s wearing them with an authority that eludes actresses twice her age, so I’m inclined to give it to her. I’m in a giving mood today. It’s fuglanthropy in action.

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]