Emma Stone here is presenting an award to Billie Jean King at the Logo Trailblazer Honors, because she’s playing BJK in Battle of the Sexes, which is about the time Billie Jean destroyed Bobby Riggs – and, by the way, if you want to fall down a wormhole, that Wiki page will take you there. (To wit: “King entered the Astrodome in Cleopatra style, carried aloft in a chair held by four bare-chested muscle men dressed in the style of ancient slaves. Riggs followed in a rickshaw drawn by a bevy of scantily clad models. Riggs presented King with a giant lollipop and she gave him a piglet.” To which I can only say: ????!!!!??!) (Said tennis match is also stuff of legend in my family, because my 24 year old mother won a bunch of money off her father by betting on Billie Jean, a bet I suspect my grandfather took in part just to get her riled up.) ANYWAY, Billie Jean looks terrifically like herself — the coordinated glasses delight me — and I look forward to seeing her Sportfaces over Wills’ and Kate’s shoulders in the next couple of weeks at Wimbledon. As for Emma, she ALSO looks very much like herself from the neck up:

From the neck down, I don’t even know. I LOVE YOU, Emma Stone, so much, but this looks like you realized your white day dress was too boring so you layered an old cocktail waitress uniform over it and hoped for the best, and the best missed the bus.

[Photo: Getty]

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