I kind of like this — her supremely smarmy expression notwithstanding — but that might be because I’m a magpie who LITERALLY had to make a rule that she couldn’t but any more metallic items. I can’t help it, you guys. If it’s shiny, I WANT IT. I’m two weeks away from looking at a roll of aluminum foil and saying aloud to my empty apartment, “yes, I could made a cute skirt out of this.”

So I recognize that I’m not a Reliable Narrator here, and even I wish the cut of this dress wasn’t so very Twee Little Girl — there’s Mod, and then there’s Middle School, and I’m pretty sure this falls into the category of the one that involves recess.

Ergo, it comes to you to make the call:

  • This is great! (18%, 1,921 Votes)
  • This sucks. (48%, 5,014 Votes)
  • This just needs a few tweaks, and it'll be fantastic. Join me in the comments and I will totally fix her right up. (34%, 3,506 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,442

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