I would like this so much better with just the simple black belt.

The color is beautiful, the black pattern on it is funky, and the halter neck and leather cinching really works… for the most part. The criss-crossing is cutting her torso too high, I think, chopping her at an unflattering place. If you scooted that down or eliminated it and just had one narrow tie, her silhouette would be cleaner. Not that you can tell from my office that I like things clean. One of the beans walked in the other day and said, “Mom. You drank like a hundred Diet Cokes.” IT WAS ONLY FOUR. And not in one day. He’s judgmental. (He also announced he’s going to be a dad someday to girl twins named Pineapple and Strawberry, so I have bigger problems.)

Anyway: Let’s also try and discuss the hair. Kruger obviously made a lovely blonde. Is she Amy Poehler Red now, or is that just the lighting? It might really work on her. Also, does this mean Pacey loves a redhead? ASKING FOR A FRIEND.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]