First, and most importantly, I totally just decided that Dakota and Kate Hudson need to star in a Gilmore Girls meets Thelma and Louise road trip movie as a sassy mother and her wise-beyond-her-years daughter:

They’re obviously driving across country the summer before Dakota goes to college, and because Kate had Dakota when she was merely 15 (their actual age difference), and then farmed her out to be raised by her own imperious mother (GOLDIE! Playing against type!), this is their first chance to really get to know each other and clearly Kate learns to be a little more of a responsible person and Dakota learns to Just Keep Livin’ or whatever (Matthew McConaughey will cameo as her out-of-the-picture father). I will not force the ending of Thelma and Louise on them in anything other than an emotional sense. It’s going to be AMAZING when you’ve got the flu on a Sunday afternoon and run across it on USA Networks. Second, I don’t know if this is perfect, but it’s WAY better than what she wore last time. I’ll take it.

[Photo: INF]