This is one of those posts where I can envision my opinion being very unpopular, because as jumpsuits go, maybe it’s fine. Maybe I’m just a deadened old crone with a calcified heart.

But I look at this and think it’d be so much cuter if it were a skirt. Maxi, mini, I don’t care; it’d be a lot breezier that way, which may sound like a ridiculous thing to say in November, but in Los Angeles it’s never REALLY November. Not in the way that counts (a.k.a., the seasons).

Besides, even if the front view isn’t as problematic as many jumpsuits can be, there is always a back:

My eyes are crossing. And I have it on extremely good authority that if I sneeze suddenly, they’ll stay that way. That kid in fourth grade would NOT have lied about something so serious.

[Photos: Splash]