Okay. Enough is enough with this style. She looks like a beach-goer who got caught up in a fisherman’s net, and all I can say is that I hope he was cute. (And that this sounds vaguely like something that would happen in the opening act of a Nicholas Sparks novel. The fisherman would be handsome, but sad, and the beach-goer would have an attractive but fatal secret).

Legitimately, who do I have to pay to make this stop? I will GIVE MONEY if people stop wearing these things. I will do a Kickstarter and give all the money to SOMEONE if that person can guarantee that never EVER again will a celebrity think, “yes. I am going to wear a 1950s bathing suit under one of those mesh bags that generally contain oranges and then I’M GOING TO ASK PEOPLE TO TAKE PICTURES SO THAT THIS MOMENT LIVES FOREVER.” I will give all the money. All of it. Just END THIS MADNESS NOW.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]