There is something  terribly appropriate about wearing a dress with foliage on it when you’re attending an event with “harvest” in the title.

And goodness knows, there’s nothing I love more than a theme. Other things I love: morning glories (as well as the song “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”) (as well as the album of the same name, which will never not remind me of college) (But not the movie Morning Glory. Just so we’re clear); wallpaper; floral wallpaper; and sandwiches. And while I would have SERIOUSLY appreciated a dress that featured, say, Liam and Noel Gallagher eating sandwiches across the front of it, I feel more unsure about the concept of the floral wallpaper dress.


  • It's divine. (38%, 4,175 Votes)
  • It's di-blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. (49%, 5,471 Votes)
  • Do you know how few words there are that mean "terrible" that also start with -- oh! DIABOLICAL. IT'S DIABOLICAL. (13%, 1,469 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,116

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