On one hand, she has a new baby at home (congrats!), so I suspect being out and about and clean and awake (and looking so perky) is a victory:

And there’s nothing wrong with a slouchy, casual LBD — Charlize carries this off as well as anyone. I like it.

HOWEVER (you knew that was coming): is this more Drinks on the Deck and less Fancy Event (at which she was honored)? Sure, she’s got a new baby at home, but she’s also CHARLIZE THERON. She can call…like, one of 1000 people and have them pick her something up, and, actually, I can’t imagine this ISN’T something that someone brought her and then watched nervously as she tried it on, whilst sucking down six Red Bulls in a row. At the very least, could it use a little bling? (Or even a pop of color with the bad?)

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