At first I was like, “Oh, it’s Charisma Carpenter — wait, no, it’s Ali Landry. Wow, apparently I can’t tell those two apart.” And then of course it did turn out to be Charisma after all. Also, half of you right now are going, “Who the hell is Ali Landry? Oh, right, the Doritos girl who married Mario Lopez and then annulled it two weeks later because of skullduggery,” and then you’re repeating “skullduggery” ten times out loud at your desk because it’s fun. I KNOW YOU, FUG NATION.


Charisma is still beautiful, y’all. Can’t be denied. The name is a lot to live up to — her last would have been a much easier choice — but she does it with aplomb. However, I am pretty sure I don’t love how her beauty is being served up. It’s like an expensive, overdone version of a shag carpet, encasing an expensive, overdone version of her naturally given cleavage, and I keep wishing it was all treating her better. Then again, it’s Cordelia Chase, and I’m afraid to say anything bad about her in case people come to my house with torches demanding my head on a stake.

So you can say it for me anonymously, okay?

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