I don’t know what she’s been doing to her face — Botox, fillers, veganism, sweet fancy genetics, DARK MAGICKS — but it’s working. I think she looks younger here than she did, like, a week ago:

Bonus points for that lipstick, which I quite like. People is telling me that she and Michael Douglas are working on their marriage, which is — if not true — surely the CZJ and MD-approved story, and perhaps she’s just happy that things may work out well for them. I also recently read a scandalous and possibly totally untrue rumor that she was having an affair that she ended when he got sick, which is what led to many of their issues, and if that’s true, I just can’t wait for either of their juicy biographies. Either way, we all win.

Let’s take a look at her dress:

Does this feel like it needs…a belt? Is that POSSIBLE? Or perhaps a more concentrated array of sequins around the waist to approximate a waist, in a sort of very shiny trompe l’oiel solution. I feel like the very top looks fine and the skirt is…a skirt, but I slightly lost the plot somewhere in the middle. Much like I feel most of the time when I’m watching Revenge.

What’s your take, Fug Nation? Can this be fixed? Does it need fixing? Where am I right now?