I had a weird moment of confusion here where I thought for a moment that Blake Lively was appearing at a Harry Potter-specific event, due to his logo behind her head, and I was like, “hold on, self. Wait. Blake Lively isn’t IN HPatDH:2, IS SHE? That’s….not possible. That’s…what?”

How does all this grab you?

  • She looks great in the first one, but INSANE in Part Deux. (11%, 1,066 Votes)
  • She looks WHACK. IN BOTH. (49%, 4,648 Votes)
  • I love them both! (11%, 1,045 Votes)
  • J'adore the second one, but the first one BLOWS. (20%, 1,871 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,563

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