Just the other day, I was wondering where Beyonce had gotten off too — I felt like I hadn’t seen her out and about in weeks — and apparently, just my putting that out into the universe worked to draw her back into the spotlight. And in Paris, no less.

Here she is, off to Easter brunch with Jay-Z (who was, just for your edification, wearing jeans and a tee shirt) and…I dunno:

The shoes, at least, are great. But my feeling is, if you have Beyonce’s hair (either naturally growing out of your head or patiently waiting for you on a wig stand), do you really ever wake up in the morning and think, “I wish I looked more like Jane Eyre”? My theory is no. I think that very few women indeed find themselves standing in front of the mirror thinking, “I wish I looked LESS awesome, and more like a governess who is likely to marry a crabby dude who concealed from her the rather pertinent fact that he was hiding a crazy wife in the attic.”  So: I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce leaving her Hair at home. But let us talk about the frock. First: I am sure it is insanely expensive. Second: I do like a polka dot. Third: I worry that somewhere an elf is tearing her house apart looking for this thing. “If I can’t find that before Santa’s formal post-Christmas ball, I’ll never work in this Pole again!”

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