Okay, look: Ashlee did the crime – the haircut (oh, THE HAIRCUT)– and  now she’s doing the time, and in the end the system is working for her: It’s settled into something that kind of works.

I mean, I’m not doing that thing where suddenly I feel a stirring need to replicate it on my own head — I’ll leave it right where it is, thank you — but she’s sort of relaxed it into something that’s not trying as hard to be hip, or rebellious, or a giant middle-finger to somebody that ended up backfiring on herself. It’s getting used to itself, basically. (Although I think she should go back to being a redhead. Gingers unite!)

Let’s take a better look at the dress, though, shall we?

I think I like this. I mean, when I first saw it, I actually turned my computer toward Jessica and said, “THIS is not what I was expecting.” Ashlee’s often a tiny-and-tight girl, or at least, she was circa Melrose Place. (An aside: Remember Melrose Place? The second one, I mean? THAT HAPPENED. WHAT.) So it’s fun to see her picking a gown, and an interesting one, to boot. Now, yes, it’s perhaps the sartorial embodiment of the decor in Madame Sinistra’s Celestial Fortune Parlor, but does that have to be a bad thing?

Well? Does it?

  • Yes. It is a bad thing. As is this dress. (11%, 672 Votes)
  • It's NOT a bad thing, in this case. I rather like this. (67%, 4,224 Votes)
  • I like it as a departure for her, but not on its own merits. (22%, 1,418 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,314

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