After those first two outings in black, I like that Amal is embracing other parts of the rainbow on the red carpet.

The satiny gown is definitely a romantic idea, but everything therein looks like it’s been placed rather lopsidedly on the shelf, no? Maybe the chicken-cutlet bra — one of those that sticks to your skin — wasn’t applied evenly, like when you put the  pegs in your bookshelf and then don’t notice until you put on the shelf that one side is lower than the other. It COULD just be the angle, but regardless. She’s statuesque, and there’s a certain glamour here, but I’m not sure if it’s Full-Price Fab or being peddled at a discount. Both of which are more than I can say for Intern George’s pants. Those suckers aren’t even trying. In all these years of his GFY employ, when he fed us snacks and rubbed our shoulders and said soothing things to us about our hair, did he not learn ANYTHING? Might be time for a refresher course, George. Our martinis aren’t going to mix themselves.

But, of Amal:

  • So glamorous (19%, 1,196 Votes)
  • So... gah. (13%, 826 Votes)
  • So so-so. (29%, 1,882 Votes)
  • So nightgownish (26%, 1,640 Votes)
  • So what? (4%, 255 Votes)
  • So, a needle pulling thread. (10%, 618 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,417

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