So, the hot money had Alicia Vikander wearing Louis Vuitton to the Globes, because she has a relationship similar to that of J.Law’s with Dior (or at least has fronted a campaign for them, and wears LV a ton). But she’s departed from that brand a lot in the run-up. EITHER she’s saving the one hot dress she likes for the Globes, or she’s spreading her wings big time. Here, she’s made the hot-since-September pick of Marc Jacobs.

I don’t necessarily hate the pattern — it’s like she had a Poe fever dream, but in a better way than that sounds — but something about it looks SO home-sewn. Both in execution and in concept. As if it’s that thing your friend is so excited that she designed, and you don’t have the heart to tell her feels as contemporary as a VHS player.

Way harsh, Tai?

  • WAY harsh. I think it's fabulous. (24%, 739 Votes)
  • Harsh-adjacent, but not unwarranted. (51%, 1,596 Votes)
  • Harsh or not, I'm with you; it's not great. TEAM HARSH. (25%, 778 Votes)

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