For some reason I have such a hard time embracing Alexis Bledel’s bangs. It’s not that I’m anti-bang; I think it’s that sometimes change is hard, and so even though I believe Alexis actually did have bangs as Rory Gilmore at one point, the Rory Gilmore I will always remember and treasure is this one, and so the bangs are always like a gut punch. I guess it’s human nature to prefer what we know best.

That said, she’s obviously growing up as beautifully as we would all hope (unless you hated Rory Gilmore, in which case, I guess, I’m sorry that she did not sprout three other heads that spew bile and cicadas). But I am not sure how to feel about the dress — the hemline feels a touch like it’s in No Man’s Land, and the cutouts at the waist and shoulders seem like they’re SUPPOSED to be referential of one another but for me they actually end up competing. Also, because they are two people I like, I wish she and Zach Levi were doing something more high-profile together than a Hallmark movie that sounds like The Vow meets 50 First Dates. Also, those movies feel like they already have met. Maybe those two movies themselves have amnesia about the fact that they’ve met, which yielded this movie, which then seems to have forgotten it is an echo of two movies that already met, and… yup, there it goes: Brain pretzel.

Unscramble me, at least with regards to the outfit:

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