We love giving presents, And let’s be honest: We also love getting presents, because, really, does anyone really legitimately HATE that? Please. If we didn’t all love receiving gifts, we wouldn’t ever give any, because so much of the point is to bring that warm “YAY STUFF! THANK YOU FOR CARING ABOUT ME!” joy to somebody else.

Last week, tons of our readers gave us suggestions on Twitter and Facebook for the items they are most stoked to give — or get — this holiday season. We mined those, mixed them with our own, and have come up with this handy-dandy way to procrastinate your December workload with a little extra online holiday shopping. The economy thanks us all.

And so might The Children: If you see anything you want, drop by our Mulu page first, find it there (we loaded everything we could from this guide onto that page, plus some pretty extras; they will ask you for the secret password — it’s “Swinton.”) and click to buy, and then a portion of your purchase price goes to charity — in our case, Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), which is very close to my family’s heart. Mulu is in beta right now, so it might be buggy, but we think it’s a neat idea. And no, we’re not being paid to say that (nor, as some people have wondered, are we being paid to put any of these items in our guide. We would never, ever do that without being up front about it; we take very seriously your trust in us). We just think it’s swell for the season of giving to involve as much actual giving as possible.

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