Oooh, this post felt more fun to write when I was fantasizing about an Italian vacation and not thinking, “hmm, will anyone get to go on vacation this year?” Wash your hands, Fug Nation!

Having said that: Even those of us who don’t really leave the house, such as myself, can use a cute makeup bag/toiletry kit situation to organize all our shit around the house. I have A LOT of beauty products for a person who rarely emerges from her lair. I keep a lot of them in this twirly acrylic organizer, but also toss a bunch of them in a variety of makeup bags on the counter that I have somehow collected. Maybe I need to be a person whose makeup bags match? Something to put on the to-do list. There are so many cute/elegant/nice ones that might make me feel like a person whose life is more organized. (There is also this very amusing one that’s EMBROIDERED CATS!?! One of you needs this.)


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