Hello, friends! It is STEAMY OUT THERE and it occurs to me that you might be in the market for something deeply breezy. First of all, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still kicking through the end of the month, in case you need anything for the dog days of summer. There are actually a TON of sales right now; there’s one at Banana Republic, for example, which I accidentally fell into, as well as a big one at Madewell.

But otherwise, BEHOLD THE CAFTANS:

I am aware that my working definition of “caftan” here is very fluid. I mostly went for “very breezy dress.” You’ll pick up what I’m putting down. I also always recommend kicking around Etsy’s “vintage caftan” selection if you have the time and inclination. ALSO, as an FYI, the Kate Spade up there is being described as a nightgown but it REALLY seems like a housedress to me, so….buy thoughtfully, I guess? (I would not sleep in that. I WOULD swan around the house in it drinking a margarita, or put it on over my bathing suit.)

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