There is something elegant about the fact that the only two Oscar nominees in this bracket ended up facing off. Can’t you just imagine the way they’d act if they were actually nominated for the same award? I feel like Anne would be all, “CHLOE MY SISTER SO BRAVE YOU TOUCH ME” and Chloe would just roll her eyes. Someone make this happen.

Speaking of wanting to roll my eyes:

If you’re going to have a big hissy about someone wearing something too similar to what you are wearing, and then change at the last minute, and then issue a giant public apology about the whole thing, at least change at the last minute into something good. Could I suggest:

I DESPERATELY LONG for Anne Hathaway to have worn that to the Oscars. It would have been, no joke, the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. Poor maligned Anne had was pretty hit-or-miss in terms of formal-wear, actually. For all the Great Globes Dress, and good BAFTAs frock,  there was the likes of this:

That is just a sack. And it’s not even a GOOD sack, despite being a CUSTOM sack. Additionally, if you have a custom sack ready to go for the parties, and you decide you can’t wear your first red carpet dress choice, why wouldn’t you swap over to Custom Sack? I am just devastated, frankly, that Anne didn’t let the Rachel Zoe Project cameras film her, because this would be an amazing finale.

I also kind of wish she had worn this instead:

Because it is hilarious. Apparently I am all about getting Freaky Friday with this ladies. But seriously, can’t you totally see Chloe working this musty Valentino?

And wouldn’t it have been exciting if Anne Hathaway had worn this to the Oscars?

THAT really would have gotten people talking about her.

And can’t you just see Chloe waking up one morning and thinking, “yeah. Tear-away tulle skirt. It’s the name of my new band AND my new aesthetic direction”:

And didn’t Anne make a tragic misstep by going the entire awards season without trying to make a jumpsuit happen?

And while I think Anne’s pixie cut is the best thing that’s happened to her head in a long time, if only she’d gone for this look:

Next time, Hathaway. Think about it.

Of course, before voting we invite you to take a look through the archives of each illustrious actress: Anne Hathaway, Chloe Sevigny.


I also think Kat Graham could be talked into sporting some of Zosia’s looks. While I WISH Zosia would model some of Kat’s. Can’t you just see this standing outside the Letterman Dumpster?

Because I think that would be major. And I think Kat Graham could EASILY pop up at an event wearing something like this:

Well, maybe without the shirt underneath. Kat Graham likes to keep it a little sexy. Sexy, and a little wacky — hence, say, the bra-top formal wear, and the Denise Huxtable shirt dress, and the Victoria’s Secret Meets Grunge ensemble, and that time she sort of dressed like Diana Ross if Diana Ross had been attacked by really awesome wallpaper . Which is why we love her. Who else would have the stones to bring us this?

And this:

And also this:

Sure, she looks nuts at least three-quarters of the time, but at least she’s having fun. Zosia may also be having fun – it seems like that should be the legal requirement for bearing a name that has a Z in it — but she rarely looks like it.

Like, oh my god WHO DIED?

And even when her outfit SHOULD BE sort of wacky fun, she looks all Les Miserables about it:

DOLL. You cannot sport a 60s mini-muumuu in a pattern last seen inside a Braniff airjet and not at least try to look sassy in it. Look to Kat Graham:

She’s wearing a highlighter, and she’s never been happier.

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