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(2) Ben Platt v. (15) Kendall Jenner · (7) Halsey v. (10) Florence Pugh  · (3) Christina Aguilera v. (14) Charlize Theron · (6) Carrie Underwood v. (11) Kacey Musgraves

(2) Ben Platt v. (15) Kendall Jenner

Obviously, I think this is a match-up we all saw coming from a mile away; two houses, alike in dignity, in fair Fug Madness where we lay our scene. Tony winner and Netflix star Ben Platt makes a SPLASH in his first Fug Madness. Earlier this year, I said he “often looks like the sassy old man you ran into next to the Jell-o salad at the buffet at your parents’ golf club,” and I stand by that. Exhibit A:

62nd Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 26 Jan 2020

Also falling into that category is this, and also this, although those we at least downgraded his age to “golf pro.” And, of course, this:

BAFTA Tea Party, Arrivals, Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles, USA - 04 Jan 2020

We also said he often looks “about 15 percent too styled,” which I also stand by:

AMA Awards 2019 Press Room

Who could forget the time he, as Heather said, tried to sell us a monorail:

The Politician Premiere, London, United Kingdom - 16 Sep 2019

I feel like we’re also dealing with a situation where perhaps he is a bit too enamoured of the fashion stylings of one Cosmo Kramer:

Spotify Best New Artist 2020 Party, Arrivals, The Lot Studios, Los Angeles, USA - 23 Jan 2020


The Drop: Ben Platt

Part of the issue might be his real love for Steve Urkel-level trousers:

'Lorraine' TV show, London, UK - 17 Jun 2019

Satin is a risky move for a man or a woman:

Celebrate the Season: Ted's Holiday Toast

Ditto wide-legged leather trousers:

Hollywood Rising Celebration, Arrivals, Sunset Tower Hotel, Los Angeles, USA - 11 Oct 2019

I don’t even know what to say about this combo:

Julia Schaepfer And Ben Platt Of Netflix's

I mean…I do salute a man for making an effort???? Sincerely!

Speaking of making an effort, Kendall was much more low key this year than she was last. Her Met Gala look was stunning, as was her post-party effort, but she must have mostly kept her head down and worked.  (With the except of the Emmys, where she took a BIG RISK, sartorially speaking, and a brief, surprising break to go blonde. And of course when she showed up in something inflatable.)

I am confused by these sunglasses:

Celebrities out and about, Los Angeles, USA - 29 Jun 2019

And ALL of these accessories:

Revolve Party, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Weekend 1, Day 3, La Quinta, USA - 14 Apr 2019

I am DEEPLY concerned by the return of the Visible Fashion Thong:

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - February 8, 2020

And this is SO short that I have to think she’s actually wearing shorts underneath it. It would be too emotionally terrifying otherwise:

Kendall Jenner at Tiffany & Co. flagship store launch in Sydney, Australia - 04 Apr 2019

In case you were wondering the the early aughts might be making a comeback, Kendall is here to prove that this is absolutely the case:

Kendall Jenner out and about, New York, USA - 20 Jun 2019

Did you think this game would include Possibly Misguided Leather Trousers v. Possibly Misguided Leather Trousers? Because I did not. AND YET:

NYFW Fall/Winter 2020 - Longchamp - Front Row, New York, USA - 08 Feb 2020

Get your vote on:

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • 2. Ben Platt (64%, 2,346 Votes)
  • 15. Kendall Jenner (36%, 1,321 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,667

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(7) Halsey v. (10) Florence Pugh

Halsey went deep in last year’s tournament, and was the runner-up in 2018, losing ultimately to the unstoppable force that was Bella Thorne that year. Can she go far this year? We’re about to find out…but first she has to get through Florence Pugh, whose rookie season was super strong — both in terms of her actual career, and here.

When I covered this the first time, I literally said, “Get ready to see this in her 2020 Fug Madness run.” And HERE IT IS:

DKNY 30th Birthday Party During New York Fashion Week

This is likewise a slam-dunk for these purposes (although the Pride flag part in her hair is rad):

2019 MTV Video Music Awards

And THIS is TERRIFYING. Halsey, what?!!?!!!!!!


What a STRONG start. We’ve also got her facially amazing but somewhat off-topic Met Gala look, this weird leather scenario, this wacky and dangerously boob-y gown at the Billboard Music Awards, and this uncomfortable garbage bag situation.

And, of course, this:

iHeartRadio Music Awards, Arrivals, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Mar 2019

I love that Florence Pugh burst onto the scene with such sartorial bravery. I deeply enjoy everything she tries, even when it isn’t 100% right. Look at this MASSIVE SLEEVE:

BAFTA Vogue x Tiffany Fashion and Film afterparty, Annabel's, London, UK - 02 Feb 2020

Remember that time she dressed as a Valentine?

73rd BAFTA British Academy Film Awards, Nominees Party, Arrivals, Kensington Palace, London, UK - 01 Feb 2020

(You should know that dress also has big holes in the side.) Florence is driving HARD to be cast in an 80s movie and honestly I wish someone would take her up on it. She’d be GREAT in an big, blowsy, dramatic 80s period piece! Imagine her wearing this in its climatic emotional sequence:

73rd British Academy Film Awards, Arrivals, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 02 Feb 2020

I would watch her cry beautifully in the rain in that! (She’d also wear this in that movie.) (And this!)

Not everything was so bombastic. This was underwhelming, by her standards, and this maybe NEEDED some bombast. This also needs a little extra zhushing, perhaps? (This needed NO MORE zhushing.) This is just mildly wacky.

This skirt was confused about skirts:

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition Preview Party

And this just felt like she was tired — and who can blame her? She had a big year.

'Marriage Story' film premiere, Arrivals, DGA Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 05 Nov 2019

To the polls!

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • 7. Halsey (87%, 3,133 Votes)
  • 10. Florence Pugh (13%, 465 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,598

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(3) Christina Aguilera v. (14) Charlize Theron

Xtina didn’t come out a LOT this eligibility period, but she made it count when she did. She could have been included on the strength of this alone:

amfAR Gala 2019

This is a LOOK and possibly also a sentient loofah. I BLESS Xtina for going for the gusto.

Speaking of gusto:

Jean-Paul Gaultier Show as part Paris Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2019-2020

You should know that the train on that gown continues for QUITE a ways. And while we are discussing the lost art of understatement, behold:

Viktor & Rolf show, Front Row, Fall Winter 2019, Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paris, France - 03 Jul 2019

She did indeed wear that in Paris.

Also on theme:

World Premiere of THE ADDAMS FAMILY

That was at the premiere of some Addam’s Family something or other. Never let it be said that Xtina phones it in. Speaking of NOT PHONED IN:

47th Annual American Music Awards, Arrivals, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 24 Nov 2019

I enjoyed this at the time, but this is not…technically not something an alien queen might wear when she decided to swoop down to earth.

In a more terrestrial turn of events, Xtina also had a lengthy period of wearing boots instead of pants. Like so:

Christina Aguilera honored with Deacon Bonnie Polley Community Hero Award at Mask Off Gala, Mansion 54, Las Vegas, USA - 03 Oct 2019

That’s just a blazer and boots. So is this:

2019 D23 Expo - Disney Legends Press Line, Anaheim, USA - 23 Aug 2019

And this is just boots and a top:

Christina Aguilera out and about, London, UK - 15 Sep 2019

Has Christina forgotten what BOTTOMS are? It seems possible.

And finally, I leave thee with THIS. It DOES, to reassure you on the above, have trousers:

'Christina Aguilera: The Xperience' show launch at Zappos Theater, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, USA - 31 May 2019

Does that technically count as an entry into the Sexy Tootsie sweepstakes? Please let me know.

To Charlize! Who spend a lot of this eligibility period looking underwhelmed in whatever Dior (or McQueen) made her wear. This is clearly a violation:

Charlize Theron out and about, New York, USA - 01 May 2019

As I said at the time: CHARLIZE, IT’S SHEER.

Charlize, it’s ALSO sheer:

American Cinematheque Award

Charlize, it’s a MUDDLE:

Elle Women in Hollywood, Arrivals, Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Oct 2019


77th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 05 Jan 2020

Charlize, it’s A PILLOW CASE:

11th Annual Governors Awards - Arrivals, Hollywood, USA - 27 Oct 2019

Charlize, it’s FALLING OFF YOU:

2020 Producer Guild Awards

Fug Nation, it’s time to VOTE:

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • 3. Christina Aguilera (87%, 3,104 Votes)
  • 14. Charlize Theron (13%, 468 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,572

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(6) Kacey Musgraves vs. (11) Carrie Underwood

Two country superstars, head to head! Carrie, so often a strong force in this challenge, had a rather low key year — in part because she had a baby in later January 2019. This look — three months later — says, “NO ONE TOLD ME that people would be taking my pics at this event!!!”

54th Academy Of Country Music Awards Cumulus/Westwood One Radio Remotes - Day 1

SOMEONE got all-caps email about this.

And I’m gonna send an all-caps email about THIS:

53rd Annual CMA Awards, Show, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, USA - 13 Nov 2019

It’s going to say, “CARRIE UNDERWOOD! How could you wear that next to Reba McEntire!” Which, in fairness, looks like exactly what Carrie herself is thinking.

I don’t know what she was thinking HERE:

54th Annual ACM Awards Arrivals

Must a formal gown have a LOINCLOTH? I do not believe that to be an actual requirement.

This isn’t terrible — she actually looks great in it as a human (which she usually does, to be honest, as she is a good-looking person) — but the longer you look at it, the more it’s clearly two dresses from two different seasons melded together:

47th Annual American Music Awards, Arrivals, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 24 Nov 2019

But it’s paradise in a gown compared to:

53rd Annual CMA Awards, Arrivals, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, USA - 13 Nov 2019


But please segue with me to the wardrobe of one Ms Kacey Musgrave. Can Carrie take down a woman who wore a Chanel snowsuit to a dinner?

Chanel In The Snow Launch Event, New York, USA - 10 Dec 2019

What about someone who so bravely risked green-screen shenanigans, or two matching jackets at once, or what might be a salute to Cher’s wax figure? Or…this:

53rd Annual CMA Awards, Arrivals, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, USA - 13 Nov 2019

I actually think I might like to see that on Carrie? It has the potential for greatness.

This next one is just perplexing. It’s not the dress, but look at her ankles. They just have…tulle wrapped around them?

2019 Variety's Power of Women: , New York, USA - 05 Apr 2019

This is wonky, proportionally-speaking:

iHeartRadio Music Awards, Arrivals, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Mar 2019

It sort of looks like it’s meant for a person who is a foot shorter? How does that work?

This feels — like Xtina before her! — like she’s wearing a Scrunchie with aspirations for more:

Kacey Musgraves Portrait Session, Nashville, USA - 01 Jul 2019

But, as with Carrie, I need to end with the look that caused me to shriek aloud, a little bit.

The Hollywood Reporter And Jimmy Choo Power Stylists Dinner

Time to vote!

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • 6. Kacey Musgraves (62%, 2,139 Votes)
  • 11. Carrie Underwood (38%, 1,332 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,471

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