It’s finally almost nigh: We start our annual worst-dressed tournament — here is a primer — at the same time as the NCAA’s March Madness, which means that next week we will be announcing the seedings and matchups, and the play-in game will be Tuesday, March 19.

Working backward, that means our Selection Committee (me and Jessica, a twelve-pack of Diet Coke, and GOD WILLING, some of those Lay’s Chicken and Waffle flavored potato chips, because they’re the only ones of the three new vote-on-them flavors we haven’t found yet BUT THEY WILL BE MINE) is meeting this weekend to determine the seedings, and then use our patented Somebody Else’s Internet Randomizer technology to sort all the same-numbered seeds into different brackets.

And THAT means that if you’re killing time today trying desperately to claw your way through another workday, we’d love your input. Who do you think deserves a top seed? Who might be a sneaky Cinderella? Which celebs, basically, do you think absolutely should make the cut into our tournament of 64?

Bear in mind that the eligibility is from Oscars to Oscars — so basically, everything after the 2012 Oscars, and up to and including the Oscars that just happened.

GAME ON. Soon.