The Miu Miu party from the other night was chock full of people, most of them slightly random — like, there was Hailee Steinfeld and Shannon Woodward, and then the likes of Ashley Tisdale and Malin Akerman and Leslie Bibb. Just all over the map. And then there’s this young lady. I have a hard time telling apart the buxom blonde actresses Alice Eve (best known Stateside as Braless Nanny in the second Sex and the City movie) and Rachael Taylor (the new Charlie’s Angels). But now I can keep them straight: Rachael is the one who was just hooking up with Justin Chambers on Grey’s Anatomy, and Alice Eve is the one herepictured who is apparently right this second filming a movie where she plays he OBVIOUSLY mousy librarian who is only truly liberated when she removes her glasses. It is called Dewey Seximal System, and it probably co-stars, like, Johnny Knoxville and Simon Rex.

Not everybody looked quite so much like a caricature, though. Let’s see what they brought. JOIN ME.

[Photos: Getty and Flynet]