Happy weekend, Fug Nation! While you’re waiting for it to truly begin, please enjoy:

– What happens when you put a coffee table at a bus stop? The answer is pretty charming. (Good)

This post, on covet-able apartments in movies, is awesome, though it neglects my personal favorite movie apartment — the one in Rosemary’s Baby. Listen, if you can forget the fact that your neighbors are elderly Satanists who are using you to incubate the Devil’s offspring, that place is AWESOME.  It’s in the Dakota! (Flavorwire)

Shannen Doherty has a new reality show about planning her wedding. A) This is going to be terrible, and B) obviously, we’re going to watch it. Also: isn’t Shannen one of those celebs who has a 36-hour marriage in her past? Because getting married AND divorced in the same episode will be TV gold. Just a suggestion, Brenda. (Lainey)

– Heidi Fleiss also has a reality show. ABOUT PARROTS. Yes, I know that reads like a Mad Lib. (Entertainment Weekly)

– Enough with Oscar prognosticating. We want to know who’s going to take the Razzie. (Grantland)

– ALLEGEDLY Timberlake is already cheating on Biel. Didn’t they just get back together, like, five minutes ago? This, on the heels of Lainey’s report that he was unbearable at ComicCon. (Celebitchy, Lainey)

– All you need to know about this is the headline: “Emma Watson Meets Her Gay Porn Doppleganger.” And is a good sport about it. (Gawker)

–Speaking of Potter (don’t worry, we’ll stop one — actually, we probably won’t. We LOVE Harry Potter), Vulture wonders if it ought to be a TV Show. You KNOW our vote is yes. But not for a while. And done by the BBC, NOT The CW (I still love you, CW). (Vulture)

– In the wake of Paris Hilton storming out of an interview when asked if she is now irrelevant (the answer is yes, and I’m worried that she knows that and is about to try to have a baby in order to fix it), the Daily Beast looks at other celeb interview meltdowns. With video! (Daily Beast)

Marie Claire taste-tested some of the current crop of cutesy-named wines. I don’t care how it tastes, I am not buying something called Mommy’s Time Out. (Marie Claire)