You know I love her. But — and you know this is coming…..BUT:

Things I am confused by:

  • ….is that…a scarf?
  • Or is that part of her shirt?
  • If I keep making this face I’m making right now trying to figure this out, will I need Botox sooner?
  • Are her shoes….?????
  • WHY?
  • …spats? Maybe? Or….????????
  • Or is that top like some kind of…poncho scarf cape wrap?
  • differential equations.

At least she made up for it later:

This, I think, is so very cute. It’s a little Casual Expensive 60s Housewife, but that’s one of my very favorite Ensemble Inspirations, after Sexy 70s Mom On a Yacht, and Betty Draper Cocktail Party.  So carry on, Blanchett! (Like you’d listen to me anyway, and thank god for that.)