Randomly, although I recognized Shannon Woodward’s face as a sort of Fametracker.com-esque “Hey, it’s that girl,” I only put a face to the name when I happened to be watching that recent primetime Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Katy Perry was the celebrity guest, and she knew the answer but decided to phone a friend anyway just to do it. And the friend she phoned was Shannon Woodward here.

I wish she had phoned Shannon to tell her that the bangs are too much for her face — wow, seriously, I really AM hating on bangs this week. I PROMISE I DO NOT HATE ALL BANGS. Many of my friends have very good ones.

But really, I’m sort of GLAD Katy didn’t call and say, “Hey, want to borrow any of my clothes,” or else we’d be looking at Ms. Woodward here in some sort of majorette’s costume. But I can’t decide if this works for me. It’s unusual… but it also look like something a girl doodled on notebook paper during a particularly tedious chemistry class.

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