Honestly, I don’t know WHO can pull this off without looking like a confused and professionally unsatisfied cocktail waitress at a schoolgirl-themed bar called The Library, but it’s not Salma Hayek:

It’s consistently amazing to me that a woman with SO MANY designers at her beck and call (both thanks to her husband’s gig owning half of them and her own self BEING SALMA HAYEK) so often turns up places looking so perplexing. Even SHE looks perplexed here. I’ve decided that it’s all because Salma is actually extremely easy-going, and when Francois-Henry comes into her dressing room and says, “cheri, would you wear this thing that’s going to look nutty on you for me, for reasons I can’t totally explain,” she just shrugs and is like, “sure.”

[Photo: AKM/GSI]

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