I don’t have a designer credit on this yet, but I wish I did, because from the front I LOVE it.

That color is so divine, especially with her dramatic dark hair right now. It’s all elegant but still fun, and even though her lip is too pink for me with the outfit beneath it, this might be the first time something Mena Suvari has worn actually sticks with me long-term. Right now I couldn’t name a single thing without cheating and looking in her archive; hereafter, I can at least get all flappy and say, “Oh! The red dress! From the Aniston premiere! She even wore good shoes!” Thank you, Mena, for enabling my flappyness.

HOWEVER, there is one nit I am picking:

I don’t mind the open back in theory, but does this one extend too far around her side? To the point where it’s less an “open back” and more of a “closed front”? The side view gives it a certain apron quality that wouldn’t have been there if the fabric extended all the way back before it opened out to the bars. There’s ALWAYS something, I guess. I’m personally still giving it a passing grade, but I wanted to give you all the information before you graded her test.

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