While we’re discussing people whose absences have been notable, here’s one: Fergie Ferg, a perennial worst-dressed contender who was bringing the elaborately costumey fug back when we started this site two presidents ago, and apparently still wants to deliver. Her shoes have both eyes AND hearts on them — I feel like in Ancient Egyptian times they would be feared as some kind of walking curse — and the dress is cheap netting with surgically attached balloon sleeves. In other words, it’s a splendid re-entry into the atmosphug. And given that this site was borne of enjoying a hefty eye-roll at the worst of the fashion world, I am delighted she apparently has┬áthe world’s largest Kardashian Pinterest board from which to draw strength and inspiration.

She also posed with Kim, which is where we can fold Nicki Minaj into this casserole:


Nicki, somehow, looks the sanest of the three. And I say that knowing fully that her hair is longer than my children. Does SHE have the world’s largest Crystal Gayle Pinterest board?

[Photos: Getty]