It feels like Cobie Smulders might be trying to fill the Gwynnie void at the Avengers events — granted, I think Gwyneth’s role amounts to a cameo, but she’s been nowhere near any of these premieres, and so Cobie is stepping in with some welcome drama.

I want to love this. And I don’t unreservedly hate it. But let’s start at the top: Though not awful, I can’t divorce the whole updo-with-jammed-on-headband from what I do with my hair when it’s just not cooperating and I just need to go buy groceries MY GOD, WHY CAN’T MY HAIR COOPERATE LONG ENOUGH FOR SOME DELI HAM, and so it’s tough for me to understand it on the red carpet. Are these headbands emergency measures? Was their a hairtastrophe I did not know about? Otherwise, why? It’s not even a particularly interesting headband. It looks like twine, and reminds me unfavorably of the time an elderly man with a string tied around his forehead tried to kiss me on Halloween after I beat him at billiards. We left that bar. I believe I was dressed as Hilary Duff, from back when she was feuding with people, though my memory cannot confirm this.

Point two: I think the bodice might be interesting, were it not potentially baggy at the boobal region.

Point three: The fishtail brings some drama, but would it have been better if that portion of the skirt was, in fact, the whole skirt? If it started at her waist and gave a graceful finish to this? Or should it all have stayed sleek?

Point four: Is that satin down there? Or velvet? Why does it look like really cheap Astroturf in this photo, like what Cee Lo Green would put in if he built a flag football stadium in his mansion yard?

Point five: Does that look very comfortable to walk in? Should we care that we can see her buttocks’ Bermuda Triangle?

But the thing is, I also do applaud her for going dramatic, and part me thinks she’s carrying it off as well as possible. The other part of me just likes her, and enjoys imagining her and her boyfriend Taran Killam Skyping over dinner while he practices his Michael Cera impersonation. I don’t know. I’m trying? And I feel like I’m supposed to want to clap? But my hands aren’t doing the work.

Are yours?

  • Yes! STANDING OVATION. (6%, 260 Votes)
  • Yes, in the sense that I am patting her on the back and saying, "Not bad, lady." (58%, 2,352 Votes)
  • Yes, in the sense that they are blocking my eyes. (30%, 1,201 Votes)
  • Yes, in the sense that I am headed to the comments to type out what I would change. (6%, 246 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,060

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