When will Donna Martin graduate from the PR circuit? (ZING. I know, but I couldn’t resist. It would be professionally irresponsible of me to miss that trite joke.) At least fashion-wise, things are slowly improving. Granted, we hit a pretty low point yesterday for Tori, and the dresses with their names scribbled on them were not ideal, so clawing up this hill was not THAT hard, but credit where credit is due. I don’t have to be inspired by raspberry lace and antique YSL Tribute sandals to acknowledge that it’s a better outfit than before. And Jennie’s blue dress is actually cute.

However, I am TOTALLY here for what Tori wore to this:

Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling in Conversation at 92Y

Jennie looks nice, save for a little puckering around her boob that is not within her control. But Tori’s ensemble is deliciously campy, like she’s the mom in your kids’ class who always dresses up even for the messiest holiday parties, and perpetually offers to give you cut-rate Tarot readings and burns sage near the playground and once gave the teacher a bag of crystals as a holiday gift with an inscrutable note. That, to be clear, is GOOD for her. She finally looks like the most interesting guest at the dinner party. Huzzah.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]