We’ve seen Amanda with the Floofy Floofensteins she costarred with in The Art of Racing in the Rain, and now she’s brought her own dog Finn to The Late Show. Look at him! That face! I’m not even a dog person — please don’t judge me; I’m allergic, so I never really had a chance to get comfortable around them and I don’t really like being licked? — but I am not made of stone, so his sweet smiling visage in this photo is just the best. He’s making great eye contact — maybe he’s watched ANTM marathons with Amanda — and he looks like he’d be a superb snuggle. He is the star of the photo. Amanda’s Burberry outfit is a great shade, but so-so in design. The droopiness of the top — weighed down in parts by beading, I think — and the occasional unfinished-looking piece are clearly intentional, but also underwhelming. Maybe the blouse fit wouldn’t bother me if she was in sleek tailored pants? All of it together is a womp-wommmp to me. (Also, I have always been curious why you’d bother making that shoe a peep toe if you’re seeing THAT little of the toe?)

However, I do like what she changed into next:

Amanda Seyfried and Jacob Tremblay Outside of Late Show With Stephen Colbert

There MIGHT be a neck bow situation afoot with this Chloe frock, and the hem is dragging on the ground in parts, but I’m all on board with the color and pattern. The shoes, though? So many would have done black Nudist sandals or plain pumps, so I am thrilled at what a supreme choice she made. In all, though, her doggo is an A+ and clearly very well taken care of and loved, and that’s the most important thing.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]
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