After the Wedding is a remake of a 2006 Danish film, but it gender-flips the leads. The synopsis is very “SURPRISE CONNECTIONS are DISCOVERED” and “SECRETS are REVEALED,” and Variety seemed to think it was juicy material for Michelle and Julianne, so good news all-around. Michelle here DOES look like she’s just finished at a wedding, where she gave a very tasteful speech and will duck out before the dance-off begins and people’s neckties end up around their foreheads. Julianne, however, is going to stay at that wedding and twirl herself senseless until someone does the Dirty Dancing lift with her. I think… honestly, it’s hard to pick an outfit I prefer. Michelle almost always gets the Mother of the Bride Collection from Louis Vuitton, but having seen some of what that brand is pushing on other celebrities, maybe that’s a blessing. Julianne’s Givenchy looks a little silly and lacks sophistication. Of them both, Michelle at least looks the most consistent with herself…? Frankly, I want to send them BOTH to other designers.

[Photo: Shutterstock]