So, Evangeline Lilly is working with stylist Law Roach for this press tour, and I feel like I’ve NEVER seen that as clearly as I do right here: This white suit would look smashing on either Celine Dion or Zendaya, the two clients I associate with him the most. I’m not sure that I think Lilly’s got either the wacky verve of an iconic French-Canadian chanteuse or the innate chic-ness of someone who’s been a style star since adolescence, nor is she about to burst into a round of “Don’t Be Cruel” before housing a peanut butter and banana sandwich — I assume?! Admittedly, I did not watch live footage of this premiere — and ergo I don’t totally think she’s making this happen. Having said that: Points for effort, and next time, maybe go full cape ‘n’ jumpsuit. Always go full Elvis.

[Photo: Disney Land Paris/News Pictures/]