There was a roast of Bruce Willis last night, and of course his daughters attended. I wanted to kick this off with the above, because it’s so cheery and cute, and it seemed wrong to dive right into SERIOUS RED CARPET FACES.

Having said that, here are your serious red carpet faces from 2 out of 3 Willis sisters — although, technically their facial expressions seem to be arranged in order of un-seriousness to seriousness, given that Rumer there in the middle is still a little smirky:

Comedy Central's Roast of Bruce Willis, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Jul 2018

Scout (in the red) looks so much like Evangeline Lilly to me in these pics — she is adorable. Tallulah, in the floral dress, also looks really cute (and her frock is great; it’s also only $158). Rumer, in the middle, is SURPRISINGLY BLONDE! She doesn’t look bad — she weirdly looks more like her mom, Demi Moore, as a blonde than she does as a brunette — but she could run me over with a Bird scooter in front of the Glossier store in this and I would just be like, “I dunno. Some girl hit me! She was blonde and wearing a bra top!” and the police would be like, “SO IT WAS EVERYONE IN LA?! Great, really helpful.”

[Photo:  Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock]