This is the slightly more vicious companion piece to Nicole Kidman’s crashing-wave gown, and because I can’t imagine wanting to wear either one, I’m struggling to decide which one I think is more effective. In the pro column for Nicole’s, I think the lightness of it better sells any loveliness the sparkling silver wave might provide. But it’s also just… a wave, and the puffed sleeves feel like silly afterthoughts; the boning, very glaring. Eva’s has a little more flash, a little more drama — it’s a pirate ship, and it’s probably going to capsize; it’s called the Shipwreck dress, after all — and plays to the aura she has of being a saucy evil spirit from the nether realm. But, all those lines, though they paint a picture, also detract from whatever elegance it was attempting. So in either case, something about the dress is undercutting itself even as it tries to create a mood. I’m inclined to give the win to Eva just because the idea of her wearing a capsizing boat makes me laugh, and joy is in short supply these days.

Assuming you MUST PICK ONE because the fate of the world is at stake, which would you prefer:

  • Nicole's (19%, 480 Votes)
  • Eva's (81%, 2,034 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,514

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