No outrage here from me: Some of the songs that didn’t make it were interchangeable to me with songs that did, in a way where… shrug, you know? The obvious ones went through to the Grand Final, and the rest were just kinda there. I do feel sorry for Danish Timothee Chalamet, whose song is way more of a toe-tapper when you hear the produced version and who just did not have the pipes to perform it live. He kicked off the show, too, which made it even  more obvious — the crowd was ready to bang and he was more of a whimper. We also got a preview of Spain, Ukraine, and the U.K., and they were ALSO really underwhelming? I cheated and listened to Mae Muller’s entry for the U.K. and the produced song is a bop, but her dress rehearsal footage was NOT strong. We’ll see on Saturday. I am rather excited to share Austria’s entry with you then.

[Photo: Paul ELLIS / AFP, Aaron Chown/PA Images via Getty Images]
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