Jessica Biel just gave an interview saying that Justin Timberlake basically tells her what to wear. In my imagionation, this translates to her walking out of the closet and him doing portions of the “Bye, Bye, Bye” dance whenever he dislikes a choice. I mean, if you’re going to be the guy who looks at his lady when she’s all dressed up and then just shakes his head no, you’d better do it amusingly and with a self-mocking wink at your own poorly coiffed past.

All of which is just a preamble to an outfit about which I have little to say.

It’s fine. It’s white. It’s balletic. It’s tight. It might crush her boobs a little. Cameron Diaz probably wishes she’d worn it first. Maybe JT had it picked out for her a few years ago and they never got around to it. I like the hair and makeup, but the rest of it evokes an even simpler version of the all-white she wore to the MTV Movie Awards, as if she’s been told to adhere to a color story of utmost purity (or she’s just trying to remind everyone that she IS going to be a BRIDE, dammit, OH YES, HE WILL WALK DOWN THAT AISLE.

But although I’m having trouble caring about the outfit itself, I do have to give her bonus points for — again, much like at the MTV event — spicing it up with the footwear:

They’re like shoes with giant highlighters jammed over the heel. I love it. They’re cute AND they’d keep you from getting plowed by a car while crossing the street at night. Fashionable road safety: Everyone wins.

But the whole outfit:

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[Photos: INF Daily]