Clearly we need a new subset of posts on GFY: Things That Look Like Home Furnishings In A Heinous Way, and then Things That We Kind of Want To Decorate Our Houses With Someday. There’s been a lot of viable powder-room wallpaper lately; this could be that, but personally, I’m tempted to turn them into drapes for my bedroom once I paint the ceiling dark blue:

None of which is to say that it doesn’t work as a dress, too. It does. On her. She’s teeny. She’s a sprite. You can pretty easily wear a swingy, shapeless mod cut when everything poking out of it is tiny and toned. I might love it more sleeveless, or with more of a three-quarter length, but that’s picking a nit. It’s cute, and she’s SO HAPPY. It’s proof of how much difference a smile and some confidence makes; if she wore this with her previously standard tight-lipped quarter-grin with wide eyes tinged with fear, we’d be all, “Oh, dear, I don’t know how to feel.” But the radiance she’s emanating sells the entire ensemble beautifully. The lesson here is that Jason Segel does good things for a girl’s wardrobe.

And I love the purple shoes with it, for a splash of funk and bravery. Clearly, “A Splash of Funk and Bravery” is also the title of SOMETHING. Album? Book? Beat poem? Whatever. Add it to the list and I’ll figure it out later.

[Photo: Getty]