In the last few years, we’ve been attending two different New Year’s Eve parties with two different groups of friends — one that celebrates East Coast midnight, and then one that does West Coast midnight — and for those parties and those alone it’s become my favorite night of the year. But without them, I could take the holiday or leave it, and the idea of a low-pressure night where I pop on Zoom with some loved ones at 8 p.m., chat it up for an hour with some wine, and then cheer East Coast midnight before crawling under a blanket and watching a movie… well, that sounds perfectly cromulent. But it sucks that the choice was taken out of all of our hands by this damned virus, so when I went hunting for random New Year’s Eve related images, I was definitely more drawn to the weird-looking ones, and/or photos of people who were probably having a worse time than any of us will. If that helps.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty]