I found this poster on Getty Images, but I cannot find a summary of the movie itself, and so I ask you: What IS THIS? On the surface, it appears to be a movie about a Santa Claus who has a baby head where his right fist should be. Or perhaps a deranged Santa who dresses up angry babies in his own image. It is, unquestionably, a drawing made by someone evil. Why does this baby have an ENORMOUS long Mohawk that almost looks like the fires of hell rising from its head? Why does this baby have FULL TEETH? And where is the REST of this baby?

Compounding the confusion: The movie bills itself as a comedy. The Stern Brothers apparently gained notoriety for making comedies starring animals — presumably, Snookums, Lovey, and Dovey are actually not humans, as they have been listed on other Stern Brothers posters as well — and yet there are no animals featured in this poster; further, it’s about newlyweds?!?! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS MOVIE?

Seriously. Please do supply any and all synopses that factor these variables into the equation. I am SURE we can make up something great.

[Photo: Getty]