I was prepping for Christmas this last week and finishing up the first season of The Dream, an absolutely fascinating podcast about MLMs, and started wondering: What is the best podcast you listened to all year? This can be a weekly pod, a season of an episodic series, or a limited series. Please hold forth! (And obviously, these don’t have to be pods that came out in 2021 — The Dream is from 2019!)

For me, I think it’s Texas Monthly’s limited series Tom Brown’s Body, with my episodic choice being Bravo Docket, wherein two Lady Lawyers break down the seemingly endless legal issue of Real Housewives, and honorable mentions to the Dateline podcast The Thing About Pam (which I just saw is becoming a miniseries with Renee Zellweger and Josh Duhamel, both of which seem like very flattering casting), and the aforementioned The Dream (I haven’t listened to their second season, which is about the wellness industry, yet. But I have a lot of walks to take in 2022.).

PS: If you want to catch up on the last time we talked about this, we also discussed podcasts in June. We’ve also been on a variety of them this year that you might enjoy, including Extra Hot Great, We Have Notes With Abby Gardner, Caroline and the Podcast, Again With This: Melrose Place, and The Big Wakeup Call, all of which you might enjoy!