I mean, obviously, she is beautiful. That is not up for debate, really. Just lovely.  And I am thrilled that she didn’t toss on one of her giant QVC necklaces with this, because we all know that almost happened. HOWEVER…

…once I decided this looked to me like one of Eva Longoria’s cast-offs (albeit the colorful version), I could not unsee that. And once having thought that, I decided that I kind of missed having The Widow Longoria at the Emmys. As much as we poke fun at her, I find her amusing, and you know she would have worn something noteworthy. She was really funny on Desperate Housewives. I kind of miss her in general. Remember that time she dressed up like a ham? She could have worn that and lurked around behind Jon Hamm all night. Ham and Hamm. That would have been amazing. Sigh. The way we were, you guys.

Oh, right. Padma.

I might be too overcome with despair thanks to the evening’s Lack of Eva, but this is kind of great, right? I know you’ll tell me if you think otherwise.