First, props to you, Emma Stone. Emma kept secret her wedding — most of her relationship with that guy, in fact — the lion’s share of her pregnancy, and the eventual birth of her daughter. The pregnancy part was obviously easier to hide since we were all forced indoors, but still. She would’ve had to go to doctor appointments. My point is, way to go on fencing off your family life; it can’t be easy, but clearly it can be done.

Emma is back, two months post-partum, to promote Cruella. I don’t know what to make of that movie — I don’t think it looks particularly good, but trailers are a tricky business and they often do a disservice to what they’re promoting; reviews seem to be rather warmer, so maybe it’s great. I HOPE it’s great. But it’s a hammy role for sure, with a lot of larger-than-life hair, makeup, clothes, and special effects, and clearly Em decided not to compete with any of that at the premiere. She’s got the Cruella color scheme in place…

Premiere of

… and a villainous brooch, and that’s all she really needed to do other than BE THERE. We didn’t NEED her to squeeze herself into any extravagant formalwear when she just squeezed another human OUT of herself. We are excited enough for a red carpet and the return of a favorite, and the chance to debate things like whether she should bob her hair, and how happy I am that she ignored all those dumb stories about how we’re not supposed to do side parts anymore, like, I don’t care if my side part makes me seem old, I AM OLD, and also I have a cowlick. In sum: Thank you, Emma, and welcome back.

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