First of all, when I saw the words, “fifth season” on this step-and-repeat, I thought, “Emma Roberts is in a show called MAYBE I DO that is in its FIFTH SEASON?! HAVE I TOTALLY LOST MY GRASP OF TELEVISION?” I probably have, to be frank, but in this case Maybe I Do is a movie, and Fifth Season is the production company. Having said that, it would be super helpful if step-and-repeats would have that kind of info on them. Like, Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere or whatever. Save a blogger a Google! AND ANYWAY: Now that I know I haven’t totally lost my touch, I can just tell you that she looks fine in this, and the off-the-shoulder dodad is intentional. It kinda makes my eye twitch…but not in the worst way it’s ever twitched. Put that endorsement on the side of a bus!!!

More vitally: I wish I could get access to a photo of what she wore earlier in the day because it’s WACKY, but I can’t figure out what photo service this is from and it’s not on any of mine. You can see it at Just Jared. It’s VERY whimsical and eccentric!

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock]