You might recall Shotgun Wedding as the movie Jennifer Lopez was about to film with Armie Hammer, before he (rightly) got the heave from Hollywood. Josh Duhamel replaced him, which I actually think is trading up anyway — Leo from All My Children forever! Anyway, I gather the premise is that she and Josh are having a destination wedding, but it gets taken hostage by terrorists or whatnot. I will almost certainly watch this at some point, although I don’t fly much anymore and that bums me out because that is the IDEAL scenario in which to consume this movie.

After Ben Affleck showed up at J.Lo’s Marry Me premiere, they did, in fact, get married. Given that the phrase “shotgun wedding” traditionally involves a pregnancy, I was hoping Ben would show up again and then in two months there would be another REAL SURPRISE. Maybe they both thought of that too, and it’s why he stayed home.

[Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images, Matt Baron, Rob Latour/Shutterstock, Steve Granitz/FilmMagic]